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A NJ Based Design, Development and
Interactive Company

Gobe is a tight-knit team of designers, developers, writers, artists, culture makers, strategists, and entrepreneurs. For over a decade, we've helped businesses craft interactive experiences that move hearts & minds. Our solutions wrap customers in values driven engagement that lead to more customer activation and brand loyalty.

Whether we’re working with doctors, patients, event planners, associations, CME planners, agencies, builders, or brand managers, our mission is to help our customers and partners reach their goals better, faster, and within a reasonable budget.

Our work is approxmiately 80% health care and 20% consumer market. We’re 100% focused at the intersection of strategy, UX design, development, and execution.

Our group is rooted in entrepreneurship and digital craftsmenship. Our lean approach and nimble, agile development style breeds a mindset that makes us keen on growth, ROI, analytics, iteration, and never taking clients for granted.

At the heart of everything we do---we follow a set of core principles:

Our Principles

  • Listen

    Get to know our client’s business inside and out. Listen. Ask the tough questions. Develop from the inside out.

  • Care

    Client and partners are more than buyers, planners, or a paycheck. We all want the same things. Do right by them and they will do right by you. That golden rule is nifty.

  • Reliability

    Deliver. This means meeting deadlines and making the conference call even when stuck at the Hong Kong airport. Be the ones that bring a back up of the back up. Be prepared. Be on-time. Go the extra mile.

  • Honesty

    We’ll only take on a project if we are confident we can deliver.

  • Communication

    Don’t keep clients in the dark. No one should have to beg for project status. We’ll keep you posted with updates every step of the way.

  • Always be learning

    You’re either growing or decaying in this business. We are super growth oriented in everything we do. Passionate about interactive design & technology, and the limitless possibilities when you’re having so much fun.

  • Integration

    We are digital and cultural anthropologists, systems thinkers, and constantly on the hunt for ways to deliver solutions that fit the big strategic picture. Our interdisciplinary team is equal parts creative, sales/marketing, and technology.

  • Partnership

    The best ideas flow from collaboration. We work hand in hand with agencies, builders, and client teams to craft and execute the most effective solution.

We craft patient education solutions, health literacy, and meaningful marketing campaigns to raise awareness about issues related to health and wellness. One of our big missions is to put a dent in some of these dismal figures:

Some of Our Clients

“I’ve worked with the Gobe team for our peripheral vascular and biopsy divisions. They go above and beyond for our convention programs. We consider them a part of the team.”

Jo Dirtadian, Conventions Manager, BARD.

“At ISET and Venuous Symposium, we partnered with Gobe to offer a sponsorship to our exhibitors. The attendees enjoyed creating their personalized, patient education tools at our meeting. The feedback was fantastic from our attendees and our sponsor repeated support for our annual meeting next year.”

Tracey Fernandez, Executive Director, Complete Conference Management.

“All divisions of Alcon Laboratories are excited about Gobe’s personalized poster programs. The Gobe team is more than just an interactive, booth traffic company. They were a major force behind our lead retrieval and data gathering strategies.”

Neketa Argrow, Global Conventions Manager, Alcon Laboratories.

«At Covidien, we worked with Gobe at SIR, ISET, Venous Symposium, ACP, and many other conventions, including fellow outreach initiatives. They delivered time and again for our convention & marketing teams.”

Dan Lorman, Conventions Manager, Covidien.

Professional Partners Committed to the Industry

As healthcare and attendee marketing specialists, we’re members of the HCEA, marketing associations. We have a company culture that breeds a commitment to continuous improvement. We attend local tech meetups and participate in Google and Apple’s iOS conferences.

We’ve partnered with NJIT to provide mentorship and real work experiences in their capston program..

It means that you can trust that we’re committed to the latest standards in tech and adhere to ethical core, whitehat SEO and online marketing. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. If we can’t help you or we’re booked solid, we’ll be honest and help point you in the right direction.